Picking The Perfect Pitbull


Picking The Perfect Pitbull

The word “pit bull” refers here to a dog that suffers from many common behavioral problems. For these reasons, the number of Pit Bulls in shelters across the country is increasing. For pet owners who are considering adopting a Pit Bull, you should become familiar with some of the Pit Bull’s more troubling traits before deciding if the dog is right for you. For more information on Pit Bulls, visit the A.C.C. Pit Bulls of America website.

Pit Bulls is known as powerful, aggressive dogs. However, breeders commonly breed many different Pit Bulls to form super-breeds such as the American Staffordshire Terrier (amst), American Bulldog (abe), and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier (stsb). These are usually advertised as the “world’s strongest dogs.” The truth is, Pit Bulls can be very strong, but they have the personality of a dangerous puppy, and they need plenty of socialization and training to be healthy, happy, and obedient around other dogs and people.

In general, pitbulls are very loving and dependable dogs. They are wonderful companions for kids and very responsible toward their owners. However, you should take special care when adopting a pitbull–do not adopt a dog unless you’ve researched it thoroughly and know what to expect from the dog. Because the American Temperament Society classifies the dog as one of the “most dangerous dog breeds,” you should never own a pitbull unless you are prepared for what it can potentially offer you.

Most experts agree that most of the time, pitbulls are not as aggressive as they appear. They may show aggression occasionally, but most of the time, they act well-mannered and well-intentioned. It’s tough to own a pitbull without knowing all about its personality and behavior. Most of the time, Pit Bulls lives with their families, so it’s important to know your dog’s background (including whether or not he is a registered pet) before making plans to get him. You also need to know the history of your home, including whether or not any previous pets have been subjected to abuse. Be aware of signs of potential abuse if you’re planning on adopting a pitbull–if he has any history of attacking people or if he has exhibited violent behavior toward other animals, he’s not the best candidate for your home.

Another important consideration when adopting a pitbull is the size of the dog. Different Pit Bull breeds vary in size, and some are much larger than others. If you don’t plan to show your dog, he probably won’t be big enough for you. A great pitbull breed for someone who wants a large dog and who lives in a household is the Miniature pitbull, which measures twenty-five inches from head to tail and stands just over one foot tall at the shoulder. Larger dogs can be intimidating to smaller people, so be sure to consider this before deciding on a breed.

While there are many wonderful Pit Bull breeds available in the American Kennel Club’s registry, not all of them are right for every kind of pet owner. Before you make your choice, be sure to research the potential pitbull breed for possible temperament and size issues. This is very important, especially if you have small children in the house. Pit Bulls is known for being violent (although not nearly as frequently as other kinds of dogs) and for leaving destruction in their path, especially if left unsupervised. If you love animals and have the time and money to commit to raising a pitbull, you might want to look into purchasing one of these great breeds.