Medicine Animal Research: Uses and Abuses

Veterinary medicine is a branch of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and management of illness, disease, and injury in pets. In addition to this, it also handles animal husbandry, veterinary science, breeding, rearing, research, and product manufacture. Veterinary medicine contains numerous subspecialties such as diagnostics, diagnostic procedures, and therapeutic treatments. There are also colleges that offer degrees in veterinary medicine. To meet the increasing needs of the veterinary service, there are many veterinarians available right now.

Some animal research involves testing the usefulness of new medicines or the usefulness of existing medicines in non-human animals. For example, pharmaceutical companies conduct drug tests on mice and dogs to test the potential of new drugs. In the same way, studies are also done on laboratory non-human animals to study the effects of chemicals on them. The results of these studies are then utilized in determining the safety of future drug experiments in human beings.

Animals are also used for testing cosmetics products. Cosmetics manufacturers must demonstrate that their products are safe for humans and animals before they can release it in the market. Animals play an important role in such tests because they can be exposed to different chemicals in cosmetic products and have various reactions to it. Moreover, animals are usually tested twenty-four hours a day to observe their sensitivity to chemicals.

Pet animals are also used in medicine clinics. In most clinics, owners give vaccinations on themselves and their pet/children. This is because the clinic staff has to administer vaccines to the patients since many of them are allergic to pet foods. Pet animals are also valuable to drug manufacturers because they can provide useful insights on the administration of various drugs.

Veterinary medicine animal research is very expensive and requires a lot of attention from the doctors and researchers. Not only are the animals required to undergo extensive tests and evaluations, they are also made to perform dangerous surgical operations. For example, horses, dogs and guinea pigs are making to undergo organ transplants in order to help those who are suffering from severe diseases like cancer. Unfortunately, there are many instances where animals end up dying or getting injured during such operations.

Although medicine animal research is necessary for proper medication, it can also result in bad publicity if it is not properly handled. Veterinarians sometimes get a bad reputation because they use inappropriate means to euthanize animals in their care. Animals should be treated with respect and care at all times. The success or failure of animal medicine will always depend on how the doctor handles a particular situation. If proper precautions are not taken, medicine animal research can go haywire and create terrible problems for both the lab animals and humans.