Information About How Dogs Are domesticated


Information About How Dogs Are domesticated

The domestic dog is actually a domesticed descendant of a distant, extinct wolf ancestor. The original dog probably derived from a very old, extinct wolf ancestor, and therefore the original dog is probably the most direct descendants of wolves. wolves have been around for millions of years, long before the arrival of agriculture. They were likely the first wild animals to be domesticated. The dog may have evolved from a number of different ancestors.

It is now fairly certain that dogs do indeed have domestication roots. One study indicates that dogs appeared on the scene after 50,000 years of evolution in the archaeological record. It is possible that the original wild dogs appeared in the Middle East, although it is more likely they dispersed across the world through migration. The early archaeological evidence points to dogs being domesticated in China. There is also archaeological evidence suggesting that dogs were domesticated in the later Near East and in Europe.

The domestic dog can be seen as a very close relation to the human family. Studies have indicated that dogs have a greater chance of being friends with humans who live together in households with other pets. The studies indicate that dogs are friendly towards humans and have a tendency to follow their humans around, even if it means heading out of the house. It has also been suggested that domestic dogs act as guides and protectors for the handicapped or aging.

While most dogs are members of a pack, there are some breeds that are considered solitary animals. These include Doberman Pinschers, Rottweilers, Saint Bernards and German Shepherds. In fact, there are only two pure breeds of dog which are typically solitary: the American Greyhound and the Boston Terrier. There is no conclusive proof regarding the origin of the domestic dog. However, research on the genetics of canines and on ancient writings on dogs to support the belief that there is a close relationship between dogs and humans.

It is believed that dogs have lived with man since ancient times. They may have shared their homes with pre-historic creatures such as hippos, dinosaurs and crocodiles. Dogs helped man survive in those days since they were good hunters. Their domestication may have begun when they helped man to clean up after hunting.

Wolves have been domesticated since the Stone Age. Wolves were used by men as companions and assistants. Many of today’s dogs have wolves as their first domesticated ancestor. Wolves can be seen in packs as shown in the animal movies and television shows.