An Introduction to Zoos


An Introduction to Zoos

A zoo is a natural habitat that have animals housed in enclosures, fed, exhibited to the general public, and sometimes even bred for future conservation purposes. It serves many functions, but more often than not it is a place of entertainment or recreation for the people who go there. The zoo can be found in most cities across North America. Depending on where you live, there may not be a zoo within driving distance. The zoo will usually be found within a large metropolitan area like New York City, which means that driving from one to the other is not a problem.

Most zoos house various types of animals, both indigenous and introduced. Many zoos will house non-indigenous animals if they have the space for them, but they must be formally approved before they are put up for display. Typically, when an animal is accepted into a zoo, it is spayed or neutered, has received all necessary vaccinations, has had its ears cleaned and groomed, has had any diseases treated and has had its claws trimmed. The zoo then feels that the animal is healthy enough to enter into the various zoological parks that they have on offer.

An animal theme park is designed to include everything that the zoo has to offer, from rides to exhibits to education. Typically, an animal theme park will only hold animals that have been bred for consumption, such as cats and dogs. Exotic animals may also be held at the theme park, but are generally not considered to be part of the zoo’s permanent stock. Common exotic animals held at these parks would be the giraffe, the horse, the lion, and the dolphin.

There are also petting zoos, which are similar to the animals found in zoos. There are typically only a few of these places around the world, primarily in Europe and Australia. Petting zoo’s offer interaction with wild animals; however, not with the actual animals that the guests would be interacting with.

Another type of zoo would be an aquarium. Aquariums offer a whole new dimension to petting zoos. These aquariums provide habitats for fish, as well as aquatic mammals, reptiles, birds, etc. However, they do have limits when it comes to the size of the animals that can be housed in the aquarium. The zoo’s aquarium might allow up to one and a half acres of space for the placement of an aquarium.

Zoos have many different behaviors for the enjoyment of the zoo patrons as well as those who wish to study wild animals in their natural habitat. In the zoo, it is easy to observe different types of behaviors and responses, such as eating, running and jumping. Petting zoo animals allow zoo patrons to interact in a friendly way with the animals. They can learn more about the world of animals by becoming personally involved in studying their behaviors and personalities.